“Repent all ye ends of the earth and be baptized in my name”

IMG_1419 (1) IMG_1421So real quick, I’ll give you the lowdown of what happened this week.

So changes happened… and I stayed with my comp!!! I’m going to “kill Him!!” he’s going home this change. Also, lots of ups and downs on investigators. We have given lots of books out this week, but we couldn’t teach them yet. We have been contacting so much that we even found someone named Kenneth!! Can you believe that?? Out of all the places!! Ha-ha we also taught a drunken man that has someone taking care of him. They are both members, so that was cool to find them. I guess he’s killed a few people and feels really bad about it. We will see what happens there… crazy huh? There was also a gypsy there at the end of the lesson to hear the prayer. IDK if I told you guys, but there are a lot of gypsies here. They drink, steal and smoke. There kind of like the gadianton robbers. Ha-ha

So the dentist was horrible!! So much flippin pain. They don’t know what there’s doing, seriously! However, they are really nice. The doctor’s assistant took some pictures, so I’ll have to send you guys them after I send this. It’s funny! I was grabbing the arm rests so hard that I felt like I was on a flippin roller coaster! You can ask my comp if that’s true 😉 He was like “dude I was wondering why you were shaking so much”. Just…crazy.

We are teaching a lot of less actives, and man are some of them worldly! They don’t want to change because they have fear that they will have to give up all that they are doing. And I was like, DUH! How else do you follow Christ?! You have to stop what you are doing and follow Him! It’s like the father of Lamoni. When he said that he would not only give up his kingdom, but his sins too! You have to give Him all to follow Him. There’s no other way. Kind of sad. They just don’t understand the covenant they made with God.

Yesterday our zone leaders baptized a family of 5! And we couldn’t make it… we had a lunch date. They said that it was amazing and full of the spirit. They said that it was the best day of their entire lives. And it honestly made me think a lot about why I’m here, what I need to be doing. And how can I find a family like that!! I just need to look in different areas and I know that I will find them! 🙂

I was also reading a lot in 3 Nephi when Christ comes to America, and man do I love those chapters! They are just so clear on what we need to be doing and what not to be doing. The doctrine is so clear. After reading it, He just wants people to be humble, come unto Him and get baptized. He wants to see His children again in His presence, and the Only way to do that is through baptism. “Repent all ye end of the earth and be baptized in my name”. <—we need to help people do these things. Help them come unto our Savior through baptism. Preach the Gospel! 🙂

Love you all and for all that you do for me! Have an amazing spiritual week.

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen


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