Happiness & Miracles!!

That’s so many mission calls! Three in one week?! What the heck!! That’s so exciting to see and hear them all. I’m right there with you all. Gosh I cannot even tell you how much I was shaking when Kellin was reading his letter. I am so so so proud of him you don’t even know. He’s a stinkin stud! Now it’s Daniels turn to put those babies in!! I am so excited that he’s going to Ohio- Landon’s state! Ha-ha that’s going to be very hard not talking to him for 4 years… However, maybe I can give him a call before he leaves. We will see what my new president says!

Oh and talking about that, he comes in this Wednesday! I am very excited to get to know him and see the changes he will make. It’ll be a fun next 6 months! 🙂 There’s going to be lots of changes! My companion is so darn trunky! Ha-ha. He has 4 weeks left of his mission and it’s been tough focusing, But I’ve been keeping him straight, don’t you worry mommy 😉 The other weeks have been pretty tough as you guys know, so we decided to turn that around and work even harder (if possible). And……The miracles came!!!!!!!!!

So first off I have to tell you a shortened story of one of those miracles. So we were walking to go to a house of an investigator. My comp wanted to go left and I had an impression to go right (even though it was longer). For some reason I fought pretty hard to go right. As you may know, I don’t lose 😉 ha-ha, so we went right and I’m not even kidding, 10 steps later, this girl contacts us. Which was weird, cuz it never happens? She starts speaking English and I thought that she probably was lost or something. But nope, she was losing to see if we had an English speaking ward or something, I told her that there wasn’t and we made an appt and passed by the next day. The first time we went by, she was sick. The second, she wasn’t there and the third my comp didn’t want to go again cuz it would have been awkward, but I won again and she comes out! So we FINALLY get to teach her and she accepted the invitation to get baptized! She’s a heroin addict and it trying to change her life. She is the most humble person I’ve met in Chile. She’s from New Jersey and is here to change her life around. Her parents live here. Her dad is Argentine and her mom Chilean. They are inactive members, but want us to change her daughter. And the coolest thing is we can, through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We actually don’t do anything, the spirit of the Lord does. Something she said yesterday was “I think my body is addicted to addictions, and I was thinking that what I need to do to get rid of my addictions is get addicted to God.”  Man, it was just… a miracle.

But another miracle was that another investigator assisted yesterday and we need to see if she will get baptized here or in another area. But as of now, we will be baptizing 2 people the 12th of July! 🙂

We are so much happier these days. I can just feel the presence of the Lord and His happiness for what we have done, and for our obedience. It’s amazing!

Well I love you all so much and again, I cannot tell you how happy I am for Kellin and for his decision to serve our Heavenly Father for 2 years. Help him prepare!!! And Daniel to get those papers in! 🙂

Miss you all tons!

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen


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