New Mission President Raul Diaz

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So to start off the week we got our new president!! Idk His name is Raul Díaz. He played football at a college here as a goalie. From what I’ve heard, he’s really nice and calm. He has changed a ton of stuff already and it’s awesome!!  Part of it is because we have more freedom. We can listen to EFY, we can drink mate (Christopher knows) and just so much more. However, we obviously can’t take advantage of that. We need to stay worthy of our calling and do what the Lord would have us do.

Get this, so Saturday Chile had a huge champion playoff game, and we knew that there wasn’t going to be anyone on the streets at that time. However, with the rule of our other president, we would have to go out on the streets the same. So the day before the zone leaders had a meeting and decided to let us watch the game!!!!!!!! It was the coolest thing EVER. I felt like I was sinning though to be honest, ha-ha. But the only reason it was great was because Chile won! The first championship Chile has ever won. Isn’t that crazy?! The game we all got to see and they won! Ha-ha. That day was also the 4th of July and a family in our ward bought us papa john’s and dunk-in doughnuts!!! Amazingly delicious 🙂

So to talk about our investigators, they are doing great. The girl we are teaching, Natalie, Is changing soooo much. So we taught her about the word of wisdom the other day and she said that she does all of those things that aren’t supposed to do. The next day she said that she doesn’t drink coffee or tea now and that she’s working on the smoking. And about the drinking, she had an amazing experience. She said that normally she can drink strong liquor like water, but for some reason when she drank a glass of wine it tasted so bad that she almost threw up and she threw the bottle away. Isn’t that amazing?! There’s been a ton of miracles happening in her life these days. She went to Santiago this weekend and she said that it will be almost impossible to not smoke and drink. I told her that if she stays strong, prays and reads, God will protect her. And in her prayer she said that if God could help her not do those things it would be a miracle and after the prayer I told her that God does miracles in the lives of His children that want to change and come unto Him. It was just… so spiritual.

To end my letter I would like to share a scripture that’s in D&C 6:9 that says “Say nothing but repentance unto this generation; keep my commandments and assist to bring forth my work, according to my commandments, and you shall be blessed.” my companion and I have been talking about the importance to speak the things as they truly are. Not to worry about how nice we say the things. I’m always honest with the people, but with love so that they can understand what they are doing is wrong and see the need to repent or they will not be blessed. It’s amazing how missionaries don’t like to do that to people. But we can see that in the BOM the prophets aren’t always nice about what they say. They cry repentance unto the people so that they understand. That’s something that I need to be doing more!

Well like always, I love and miss you all like crazy! Have an amazing sun filled, spiritual week 🙂

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen


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