Miracles and Molars…

Sooo, to start off I forgot my journal at the house so ill have to write you from memory… haha. We haven’t had lots of success in the sense of finding new people, but the investigators that we do have are progressing really well! We have a baptismal date for the 2nd of August and for this Sunday. The one for this Sunday is Natalie. She’s doing really well! We actually fasted with her this weekend. It was cool cuz I’ve never done a fast like that from morning to morning. Natalie had been smoking like a pack of cigarettes a day and drinking a little too. She wanted to do the fast, so we did it and the miracles came! She didn’t smoke or drink for the whole 24 hours and she still hasn’t smoked since! We are really happy and we really need to help her and make sure she’s not going do ANYTHING this week or she can’t get baptized this Sunday. She also said that people with heroin addictions usually dream about doing it when they try to stop. and so, she’s been having those dreams these past weeks, but when she did her fast I asked her if she had those dreams and she was like “actually strangely enough, I didn’t.” And I was like “You see how much God wants to help you? You see all the blessings you’ve received from following Him? Now you know how much He really can help you.” She’s seen many miracles in her life these past few weeks it’s amazing!

Yea ill stop talking about her… haha, shes just so awesome! We still haven’t been able to meet our new president. Looks like we are going to have to wait another week. However, for some reason these past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my future family and about what the Lord has in store for me. It’s actually really scary. I know that I don’t need to be focusing on that at all here in the mission, but it’s so hard!! Ha-ha Will I be a good dad? Will I have a good job? Will I be a good enough husband? Man, so many things! But I know that as long as I’m doing everything the Lord would have me do, It will all be good 🙂

Yesterday at church was cool. Cuz it finally rained here and it rained so hard that all the power went out for like an hour in the entire city. And the cool part about it is it cut out right before sacrament meeting. No light, no heating, no piano, no microphone. It felt like we were back in the days of Joseph Smith. And as the sacrament was being past, there was absolute silence. No sounds of the fans, lights or heating. Very spiritual and beautiful.

Oh and to end the week, ya know how I told you guys that they were working on my tooth? So Friday they put a filling in one of my molars and I told the guy that it didn’t feel right, but he told me that it was ok. Besides the fact that it was done in a very ghetto way. So I left and yesterday as I was eating lunch, the stinking thing broke! So ill have to go back and get all of that fixed. The thing that’s cool about that though is that we figured out that the mission insurance is going to pay for it all and will give us a refund for what we have paid!!! soo sweet 🙂 ha-ha

Well have an amazing week sweet mommy and FAM. I love ya all to pieces!!

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen


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