The Wonderful Gift of the Holy Ghost


Wow, this week has been soooo amazing! i have felt the spirit so much and have really gained an amazing testimony of the power of prayer.                                                                                                                                                                                                          So to start off, i was listening to a talk from Elder wilcox that talked about the atonement. So amazing, i learned that when we sin, the Lord doesnt make us feel bad to show that He is punishing us. And i can say that ive felt that way many times in my life. But thats not why. He makes us feel bad for what we did so that we may come unto Him and CHANGE! Thats what He wants. For His kids to stop sinning and be able to return to Him. He loves us so much and doesnt want any of His children to stray. Although some will, like what happened to lehi’s two sons. 

The other day we were walking in the night and we didnt know really where to go. So we decided to go see a less active. As we were walking i got a huge impression to knock the houses on one street. but at first i was like “naw, we already have plans”. But then after, i repented, turned around and we walked back to that street and started knocking houses. The second house we knocked, we gave a BOM out and made an appt. with her. And a few other houses after we made another appt. to pass by. They were super receptive and wanted to know more. it was just so amazing seeing the power of faith and the power of the whisperings of the holy ghost. I feel sometimes like on my mission the spirit and i work as one. Hes always leading me by the hand and telling me where to go at all times. At times i dont listen and he gets sad and goes away. But as i repent and follow the small promptings, the Lord trusts me more and more. 
Another amazing thing that happened this week was see the power of repentance work in the life of our investigator Natalie. She is so amazing, seriously. So we have taught her a lot. And i feel like with almost all the commandments shes had problems. But the amazing thing is that she doesnt care. Even if its really hard, she will commit to not do it again. this last friday she went with her parents to conseption and stayed in a cacino. She smoked and drank, which was lame. but ya know what the cool thing is? She felt like crap after. Something she sais thats never happened before. Shes never felt the neccessity to repent. but as shes been doing whats right, shes felt the spirit a lot in her life and when she sinned, she felt horrible and she said that it was a huge difference to how she was feeling when keeping the commandments. She told us that she has felt the spirit and knows that joseph smith was a prophet and that this is the church of Jesus Christ!! We are so happy that she has chosen to follow our Savior and do what He would have her do. 
I know that if we go to our Lord and pray to our Father in heavan for help in the morning anf night, He will protect us and guide us by the hand against all temptation and sin. He knows what we need and when we need it. We only need to ask him in humble prayer what to do to become a better disciple of Jesus Christ. (Alma 37:37)
Love you all and i hope you guys have an amazing week! Keep me filled in on the fam and anything new thats happened! ūüôā
Les amo much√≠simo!!!                               

Elder Pedersen


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