Crazy Awesome Week! Baptism, Conference and Trio.

IMG_1513IMG_1544 IMG_1520IMG_1519 Oh my gosh, the craziest week EVER. So lots of things have happened this week, oh my word. However, this whole week we have been in a trio with my district leader because his comp went home for surgery. And oh wow that was fun. We did so many crazy things; I’ll be sending lots of pictures today for sure! On top of that we finally had our conference with president Díaz!!!

Well I totally forgot my journal again, but basically it was the best conference I’ve ever had. It was just so chill and laid back. With the other president it was super crazy and a little uptight. So we were all there just talking and all of a sudden he walks into the room like just any other Elder. He just has so much humility and love for each and every one of us. He did interviews with all of us during the conference and while that was going on, we all played fun games with his wife and learned bunches about Ether the prophet. It was a blast!! Sister Díaz bakes really well. She made no bake cookies and cupcakes for all of us. Man, I was in heaven!! Ha-ha

The interview with president was very uplifting and spiritual. You could just feel the love radiating off of him. He told me stories and just let me know how he feels and what he’s thinking. He told me a story about the English’s and the wolves how they made fires to keep away the wolves. And he compared that to my testimony and temptations. As long as our fire (testimony) is burning bright, the wolves (temptations of the world) will not be able to get in. It was awesome. They told us about their kids and their lives. They both teach very well and have been teachers their whole lives. They both are gifted teachers and help us understand things that we never thought of before. It was just… amazing! 🙂

Another amazing thing that happened this weekend was that Natalie got baptized!!! And I got the privilege to baptize her. It was very beautiful. Elder Viana, Elder Rupert and I all sang harmony to I am a child of God. It brought the spirit into the room very quickly. Very amazing! Then at the end she gave her testimony and you could just tell that she knows all of this is true and that what she did will really help her to live with God one day. She has really changed for the better. Like 180 degrees.

Well I just got the news early that they are closing my sector and taking me out of the best ward in the world!!! I’m so irritated only because I’ll have to leave Natalie and all the members here. However, God wants me in another area. I guess we will see why this Wednesday! 🙂

Well I love you all so darn much and I’m so happy for all you do for me!

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen


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