New Area….Again “Quillota, here I come!!”

IMG_1561[1]prov_quillotaquillota__vista_d_galleryfullI swear the whole time that I’ve been in the mission; I’ve been changed from one area to the next every 3 months without fail. I thought for sure that when my comp went home I would be staying in my area. But nope! They closed my area and now, only one pair of missionaries has that whole area. In addition, we just baptized Natalie 😦 But I guess it’s what the Lord wants for me!

So the assistance to the president called me this last Monday and told me that they were closing my pension. So we had to clean and pack all my stuff up that day and the next to get ready for the change meeting. It was so lame having to leave cuz I had just got to love everyone there and made friends with all the members. We also had lots of investigators and future investigators. Now I feel like they will not have the chance to hear the gospel, cuz the other elders have such a big area that it’ll be impossible I guess they are doing that because all the missions in the world or maybe just South America have to shrink down to only 200 missionaries in each mission by the end of this year. But it’s all good 🙂

So just to get you guys up to date, I’m here in Quillota now in la Corvi. It’s a little farther than where I was. We are in a little ward of 25-40 attending every week and oh… I’m in a trio!!!!!! Can you believe that?!?! Again!!!!! Ha-ha, I guess the Lord also wants me to learn something about trios! and I think it’s more patience 😉 But we will see!

My comps are Elder Gerdel from Argentina and elder Ethington from Utah. They are both very awesome. Elder Ethington will be going home at the end of this change. Elder Ethington is super awesome. We get along very well. He loves the same music (which never happens), play the same instruments and just loves the same stuff. It’ll be a fun change; I’ll send you guys a pic of us.

Well besides all that, I don’t really have much else to say, so I hope everything is going great at home and that everyone is reading and praying daily!! 🙂 Love you all so much and don’t forget… the Lord is ALWAYS on our side!

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen


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