I’ll Be Home For Christmas!!! No lights for almost a week.

IMG_1568 IMG_1576 IMG_1579 IMG_1583 Welp, we haven’t had light here since Thursday… haha. It’s been SUPER crazy. It had been raining like crazy these past 4 days. What I’ve heard is that in these last few days they have received more than they have in the last 7 years combined!! It’s been super fun though:) We took a can of tuna and cleaned it out and we put alcohol in there to give us light and heat for these last few days. I bet the people where we buy the bottles of rubbing alcohol think we are some crazy drunken Mormons! Ha-ha, but it’s been fun. We also made cookies and roasted some marshmallows.

But honestly this week have been pretty full of sopaipillas, which are things they make here that are soooo amazing! Everyone makes them when it rains. But yea so honestly not a lot has happened cuz we haven’t had time for contacting cuz with my comps dealio. However, it’s been interesting! Ha-ha

We have a few investigators that attended yesterday which were awesome and they all loved it. So we will be working with them and hopefully they will accept a baptismal date this week! We have an investigator that is so amazing! He has been investigating for 3 months and he is finally getting baptized!!! He has a date for the 15th of August, but only because he wants all his family to be there! He’s just so amazing.

OH! So I talked to my mission president the other day and he told me that I will be going home the 15th of December. Just to let you all know. So I’ll be home for Christmas!!!!!! I’m pretty stoked, but also sad that I have to cut off a little of my mission. I guess it’s what the Lord wants for me and I know that it’ll help me a lot to prepare for school and life in general 🙂

Well I love you all so much and I hope you have an amazing week mommy!!!

Les amo muchísimo!!

Elder Pedersen


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