All ye that are heavy laden…I will give you rest.

Hey Mommy!!

Well this week has been pretty great with my studies! I don’t think there’s a better feeling than feeling uplifted after an amazing personal study sesh! So we started our reading of the BOM again, and I have been able to learn so much from it! I have been able to find lots of new things for the people we teach every day. It’s amazing how much inspiration I can receive for the people that I teach. Like this morning I read from 2 Nephi and I read a scripture when Nephi was talking about how they made swords and prepared themselves, just in case of a battle against their brothers. I applied that to a recent convert that when they first get baptized, they need to prepare themselves from all the evils around them, Because they don’t know when the temptations or trials may come. However, we know that they will (like what happened to Nephi and their brothers). It’s so great!

I have been also reading the New Testament and memorizing scriptures from there too. Its awesome cuz I now can use those scriptures to help those around me and also help me in times of sorrow or difficulty.

Like for instance, this week our investigators that had a baptismal date totally turned us upside down when they said that they don’t want to get baptized. The husband said no because his brothers said he shouldn’t. And he’s really loyal to them and didn’t want to go against them. However, he told us that he almost wanted to rebel against them, it was very sad to see that. He gave us like three hugs and told us to never forget him. The wife didn’t care at all and was like “I can’t change, I just don’t want to, It’s too hard.” Ugh, it was tough. But them I read/memorized the scripture in Matthew 11:28-30. It just talks about how if we are weighed down with burdens we can come unto Him and He will give us rest. It was very awesome! 🙂

But I have to say I was really freaking out about going home in December, before school starts. I was praying and praying to make sure that it was what the Lord wants me to do. And so after talking to my comp elder Ethington, I just felt really good about it and I know that it’s what the Lord wants me to do, it’s just hard. Cuz at times there are decisions we will make in life and wonder why the Lord doesn’t answer, but I think it’s because he wants us to make the right decision on our own. He trusts us and if it’s something that He knows we will make the right decision, he will leave us to make that decision. Just like with the brother of Jared.

Well I love you all so much and I’m so happy that everyone is doing great! Have a great week my perfect family! And I love you mommy!!!!

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen


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