IMG_0030 IMG_0036IMG_0023 Let’s just start off with the good stuff. So I’m just going to say that Elder Viñas is amazing!!! He is so inspired and very funny. I could really feel like he cared for all of us and the first presidency too. I heard that every conference he had in the mission was different. It was like what he had to say applied to what we needed. It was very awesome. His wife, sister and president Díaz also gave talks. They all were very great.

They talked a lot about the atonement, sacrament and goal making. He also made a lot of comments about our investigators and the members. He told us that we need not have converts that get converted to the missionaries, but ones that get converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. He shared some really cool things, he also said:

  • As we teach we need to share our feelings about the subject, give storIes and testify!
  • The difference between feeling the spirit and just an emotion is that the spirit lasts longer.
  • help the investigator not focus on us or even the info. But in how they FEEL.
  • Always share with your comp. (spouse) how you feel about the gospel.
  • If you doubt a part of the atonement, you’re losing your faith.
  • If you feel as though you’re not receiving forgiveness, its cuz you’re not asking or humbling yourself enough.
  • Jesus Christ actually doesn’t make us clean from our sins; it’s the job of the Holy Ghost.
  • How to make sure the forgiveness you’ve been given stays? Serve others.
  • When we sin, all the sins from the past come back. But when we repent, they all go away.
  • The Lord will never reveal the same thing to you twice.
  • Baptisms without a temple, don’t mean anything.


It was as you can see a great and inspired conference. He’s a great man. I know that God sends His servants and has them on earth to help His struggling children. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ can heal any broken heart and bring the most sinful soul back to his presence through the merits of repentance. God loves every one of us and wants us to do our best here so that we may be able to come unto Him with clean hands and a pure heart.

That’s cool that you are starting Jesus the Christ again, I’ve learned so much this week it’s crazy. For instance, when he talks about tearing down the temple and building it up in three days… yup, didn’t have a clue that he was referring to himself. But it was cool. I love the way he explains stuff 🙂

I’ll be sending lots of pics. Elder Ethington is going home tomorrow. but he will be staying here in viña for these days. We will see what happens with changes this Wednesday! 🙂

Love and miss you all lots!!!

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen


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