General Conference…Amazing!



 This week went by so darn fast! Its been a crazy week in the sense of our district. Because the beginning of the change, our district leader went home early and now just this week our comp went home also. And now we are without a district leader until the end of the change! Satan is working so hard on these missionaries, its insane! I have never seen so many missionaries go home in all of my mission until now. We all need to be stronger than ever before. just like the apostles have said. 

But besides that honestly, not much has happened. We found really good future investigators. So hopefully we can teach them and get them baptized!!! Esteban (who got baptized this last weekend) is doing soo good! He posted on facebook the other day about how getting baptized and how that was the best decision that he has ever made. It made me so happy! He is totally going to go on the mission. We just need to work a lot with him and his family. Oh and his family is so amazing. they always invite us over to get filled spiritually and physically. Pray for them! Family Castillo Perez.
This conference was so great! President Monson looked really bad when he finished his last talk. I hope he makes it to the next conference! He has been such an amazing prophet. Helping us to love everyone around us.
I learned tons from this conference. Mainly about the importance of pondering the scriptures and being not only ready, but willing to follow the impressions of the Holy Ghost. I realized that sometimes the Holy Ghost tells me something to do and i think that its just my thoughts or that its something too easy. Cuz im the kind of person that needs things to be hard to be able to really overcome the hard things or trials that we face. But God is a simple man and He sends His spirit to teach us that we can overcome the hard things through small and simple acts. “line upon line,Precept upon precept.”. So awesome. I also loved the challenge of the weekly scripture that we need to ponder. Im totally going to do that, and i know that it will help me understand, memorize and love the scriptures even more!
Well I could go on and on all day about the conference, but thats all I’ll say 🙂 haha, I love you guys so much and I’m sorry that I changed my date for when I’ll be coming home. But like I told dad… all things happen for a reason. And also, Gods plan is perfect!!
Les amo, 
Elder Pedersen 


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