Mission Choir!!!!

Well this keypad is horrible that I’m typing on, so there might be a few errors just so ya know. ha-ha,!!! I Hope everything’s going great at home. this week was sooo awesome. The choir….OH. MY. GOSH. its gonna be soooo sweet. so first off we are going to be singing 8 songs and a few are arranged by Mac Wilberg, I think that’s his name, that conducts the tabernacle choir. But the reason we are singing those is because (I don’t know if I told you guys) the guy that fixes our pensions sang in that choir and his wife played the violin in the choir too. Can you believe that?! they are so amazing. He is an amazing conductor. I’ll send you the songs they sent me. there are only 6 right now. Also I talked to them and they said that we will be having 7 more practices, and that right before we perform we will be going to Viña to practice a ton. Cuz we will be singing in a concert with other professionals too. looks like it’s going to be a huge thing. We will be performing on the beach with the audience facing towards the ocean. Oh and if you guys want to see photos, we have a face book page now of the mission. I think it’s like Viña del mar mission or something.

But anyways, besides all that choir stuff, we had a good week. We had interviews in the pension with president. He was so darn tired. we had the interview at like 11:30 P.M. and he really scared me talking about following the Holy Ghost and talking about earthquakes. I had a nightmare and woke up at 5 in the morning making my comp and I pack a backpack in case of an emergency. Ugh, but nothing happened 🙂 But we all feel that one is coming. We will see! And don’t worry mom, the Lord protects His servants!

So these past months since our new president came in, we haven’t been getting a lot of baptisms. So this conference President Díaz talked a lot about faith and the steps of how we can gain our faith. It’s really interesting, cuz our ex-president was very strict and our president now is really calm and nice and happy all the time. (one elder told me that President Kahnlein was like when Christ will come for the second time and with president Díaz it’s like when He came for the first time.) How funny right? ha-ha, but it’s very true. I feel like I have been so blessed to have them both to learn the importance of being EXACTLY obedient and also to do it in a loving and happy manner.

Well I want you all to know that the book of Mormon is the word of God and that we need to use the counsel that the prophets have given us and apply them to our lives. I love the one about asking God what we can do to be a better person. That’s really helped me.

I love you all so much!! stay strong and never waver!! 🙂

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen


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