Knowledge is Power!!

IMG_0029 (1)IMG_0011 IMG_0015 IMG_0021 IMG_0034 IMG_0043Wow, this week flew by really fast! The week started out really well. Our convert’s family is now a lot more interested in sharing with us. They are all so awesome. They are all really sad cuz either my comp or I will be leaving this Wednesday for changes. It’s going to be really crazy. I think I will be leaving cuz every single 3 months they change me from my area. But we will just have to see 🙂

Man, our bishop is so awesome. He seriously is so darn smart. We were talking to him last night and he was telling us that he read the doctrine of salvation (all three books) when he was 14 years old. He started telling us about profound doctrine that I had no idea about. it was really cool. I learn so much talking to him. I know that this might sound kinda obvious, but I have really gained an understanding of the importance of learning and gaining knowledge this week. because as we know, knowledge is POWER. and as we gain more knowledge, the more power we have and the more we want to share that knowledge with others. At the beginning of my mission I didn’t want to talk to anyone, and ya know why? lack of knowledge. I never liked giving talks or teaching classes, and ya know why? lack of knowledge. How can the Holy Ghost work through someone that has their reserves all dried out?? it cannot. But as the months have passed by, the more I love teaching and doing all that I didn’t like before. It’s really a simple concept, but at times we forget how important it really is. We need to always be gaining more knowledge, because if we don’t, the Lord will NEVER be able to work through us to help others.

Ok, so this week has also been kinda rough. This was how our days were from Tuesday through Friday: We would make lots of appointments with less actives, members and investigators and our days would be chalk full of appointments. but as the hours went on, nobody was letting us in. We would contact and the person would be really receptive, but as it came time to visit them… they weren’t there or couldn’t that day. It was very tough. I was getting really sick and tired of not teaching. Cuz that’s why we are here right? to teach. One of my comps said one time that a missionary that only wears out one pair of shoes has had a productive mission. I love that, because it signifies that we have been sitting down teaching instead of just walking and walking all day. Then Saturday came and everything turned around. We found new people, taught lots and we had lots of spiritual experiences. Sunday we normally have like 25-30 people assisting and 52 people showed up. It was amazing. So awesome to finally see lots of people at church!!

Oh and also this week my comp had another seizure. However, this time I was super calm. I was scared for it to happen again while I being alone with him, but the Lord helped me out and everything went ok. I hope that it doesn’t happen again!

Oh my goodness!! that’s so awesome. I am so happy that the Lord is blessing my mommy and making sure that she is alright 🙂 Makes me feel good and kind of sad too thinking about the fact of not being able to spend lots of time with you when I get back. At least we will be talking every day! ha-ha

Shanna and Adam’s house is gorgeous!! So beautiful!! I love it a lot. she already has like a million decorations. How cool is that. it already looks like a Pedersen home!! How amazing. I’ll be coming over soon Shanna!!!

I love you mom and I know that the Lord is in your lives all the time every single day.

Love ya mommy! you’re the best!

Well I got to go, but I’ll send you guy’s pics this week!! Love you and miss you all bunched!!!

Les amo muchísimo,

Elder Pedersen


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