Amazing Week!!

IMG_0054[1] IMG_0057[1] IMG_0062[1]This was an amazing week!! I have so much to tell you! Ok, so starting out the week with the news of Johnathan was kinda depressing, but I got over it quick and we went to work! I finally got to leave my area for interchanges (it had been a few weeks), and I got to be with the only elder that I will be going home with in December. It was super fun, and we taught really well together. It was really weird teaching with someone who teaches the way I do.

Then the next day our zone leaders gave us a challenge to ask as many people possible to get baptized. So I got really pumped and idk about my comp, but I had the best contact that i’ve ever had in my entire mission. She was really receptive and wanted to learn more. We ended up talking about baptism and I gave the first vision right there outside the fence. The spirit was so strong that before we talked she explained that she was already baptized. But after explaining the priesthood and everything and after the first vision, the first thing she said was, “How would you guys baptize me? In like a river or something?”. With my mouth on the ground I told her that we normally get baptized in a baptismal font. But that if she wanted, we will make it possible!! haha. It was really awesome.
We then had choir practice again which was super super fun as always! We played games at lunch time. Really fun games that i’ll have to teach you guys when i get home. our president is so cool!! He is the one that taught us one. But anyways, we are singing two more songs and we are going to do one with a group of 9 people. And you wont believe what we are gonna sing. Little drummer boy by PENTATONIX!!!! Its going to be sweet. I think they are having me sing the part that the main tenor sings. It will be so much fun!!
So this new married couple that we found this week (which never happens here) have a baptismal date for the 15th of this month. Their names are Paolo and Isabel. I would like for you guys to pray for them. They are soooooo humble. They have like nothing. They gave us “once” (dinner) one night and we ate it under candle light!! I felt like crap coming home to a two-story house with everything we need. I’ll send you a pic of when we were eating. they are soo awesome!!
Well I hope you all have an amazing week as usual. I love and miss you all soo much!! 🙂 Dont forget to do your visiting and home teaching!! Our bishop and the 70 of the area talked to us a lot about that.
Les amo,
Elder Pedersen
P.S. I sent you one of it in the dark and one with flash. the other is of the elder I was with in interchanges. They bought me a sunday. Awwww 🙂 they are awesome!

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