Work, Work, Work!!

How cool! I’m sure you guys just had a blast! I was walking here in Viña today and saw Christmas decorations and almost screamed and wanted to enter!! haha. I’m really gonna miss not having that.. but it’ll be great here 🙂 Thank you for all your support and love towards us kids. You’re the best! Love you so darn much mommy!!

Man, this week has been crazy with lots of teaching and finding. It’s been crazy. I don’t even know why the Lord has been blessing us so darn much. I haven’t had this many investigators for such a long time! It’s been really great actually. We have been able to teach a lot, we even have a baptismal date for the 21st, and we will be having more hopefully!! We are really excited and ready to bring all those who want to come unto Christ and be baptized by the authority of God.

So the other day i decided to fast personally and of course this humble family that we are teaching decides to give us dinner!! I was so confused of what I needed to do. Cuz obviously I didn’t want to eat and break my fast. I didn’t want to tell them no, and totally deny them either. But I said a little prayer and decided to keep fasting. It was the hardest thing in the world, but I think by my example in helping them learn the importance of the fast, they were able to learn a very important principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They understood and respected me for my decision.
So we found an investigator that lives in a ranch with her parents and she is super awesome! We gave the restoration lesson to her and the next time we came by she had read all about Joseph Smith and even watched the movie the church has about him 2 times! She loves Him and loves how he always fought for the church and never let anyone change that idea. She believes in him and all he did. Its really amazing how important it is for the investigator to learn about him and believe that he was a prophet. Because through that, we will be able to know that there is a prophet today, that the BOM is the word of God and that this is His church upon the earth today.
The Lord has blessed me so much these past few YEARS. I am honestly so grateful for everything He has given me. These past few months I have had to teach the gospel principles class and play the piano for sacrament meeting. I was very scared at first because i have never had to do either my whole life. But the Lord has blessed me a TON. I have improved my talent on the piano and the way I teach. Its been a great experience and blessing for sure!
Well I love you all so much and I hope every one of you had an amazing week!
Les amo,
Elder Pedersen

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