Great, busy, crazy, inspiring week!

IMG_0011 (1)IMG_0012IMG_0016IMG_0020IMG_0021 (1)IMG_0028I’m soooo tired!! We have had do to so many things this week it has been insane! Monday we had to come to Viña so that I could practice the Pentatonix song for the concert. Then Tuesday we had an amazing conference with our Mission President. Wednesday we had to come to Viña again to do my therapy for my shoulder, and then Friday we had a rehearsal all day long for the concert. It’s been crazy, and guess what…we have to do it all over again this week!!! Ha-ha. It’s going to be lots of fun!

All in all it’s been pretty awesome. I have learned so much this week it’s insane. For our conference (which was probably the most fun, entertaining and spiritual conference I’ve had in my whole mission) the focus was all on the importance of the Book of Mormon. It was incredible. Our president gave us tons of statistics about the Book of Mormon and how it compared to the Bible, the Bible doesn’t even stand close, so much has been altered and taken out. The Book or Mormon has so much power and so much more than any other book can give. It has the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and without it; we would never know how to truly follow our Savior. I could honestly be here for days telling you how or why the Book of Mormon is the most perfect book on earth, but I won’t take up all your time 🙂

We also played tons of fun games with sister Díaz all based on the Book of Mormon. We did skits and quizzes. It was like I was in seminary again! Ha-ha So much fun. She’s like the mom of the mission. She cooks for us and bakes us cookies and helps us with  anything we need. She was sent by God to bless this mission! Obviously nothing will ever compare to your cooking mom. That’s a fact that nobody can deny!

The choir practices are going really well. We are getting better every single time. It sounds really good. We are going to have to perform for the President this Friday so that he can tell us how everything is going. His wife will also be cooking us lunch! I feel so spoiled. Honestly. I don’t know why the Lord is blessing me so much. I don’t even deserve it. However, I will be forever blessed for the opportunity to be in this choir of the mission Viña del Mar!!

Well that’s all I got for ya this week. I hope you guys are all doing splendid at home and let me know how everything’s going! Love you and miss you all like crazy, like always!!!

Les amo,                                                                                                                         Elder Pedersen

P.s. Here are a few pics of dogs here. The huge one is of my convert Esteban. The small one is of the married couple we are teaching and that will be getting baptized this weekend. And the other two are the dogs that love and protect us. We call them big butt and bones. They walk us to church every Sunday! Ha-ha

More pics. The one of the house is our humble investigators that I told you all about. Oh and thanks for the package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The little kids here love the candy: D Love you guys!


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