Finishing in Quillota, La Corvi

IMG_0022IMG_0007IMG_0005IMG_0008IMG_0021[1]Well it looks like I’m staying here for the fourth change!!! And with the same companion!!!!! I don’t even know what to think. it was so weird when they called us and told us that we would be together for another change. The ward here loves us all so much its insane! I really love this ward too. It’s going to be hard to leave everyone behind. But that’s how life is here in the mission! It’s crazy, but I guess the Lord wants me to learn something from him that I haven’t yet. Which is strange because I feel like I know him better than anyone else here in the mission. haha, he’s a great comp though. He has taught me a ton. I have learned how to be more patient, how to love one another, how to be willing to change and how to serve. It’s incredible how much one can learn from the people the Lord puts in his path.

This week was really great. We did tons of contacts and found some really good people. we taught so much that we barely could go to all the appointments. It was great. People have such a connection with us right off the bat that they just tell us their life story outside their front gate. It’s awesome. We really get to know the people and we then are able to help them in ways that nobody else can. Or better said, the Holy Ghost helps us testify and teach with such a power that the people begin to recognize the truth and power of our message. Some days I truly can feel satan is tempting me not to work hard and just make me feel really down on myself. But when that happens I just think about the person doing that to me, so that  just means that I need to work harder because I’m doing something that irritates him. And of course who doesn’t like to irritate satan? ha-ha I do!!!!!

Our investigators are doing good. We have to work harder cuz this time of year is like their summer. But we will have to just work harder and harder every day to bring them closer to our Savior! We have found new investigators. So we just need to make sure they attend church!

Well the other day I don’t know if I told you guys but I was going to go home with an elder that came to the mission with me. But a few days ago he informed me that he will be going home on the 15th because of his eye infection. So I will have to go home alone. Pretty lame right? I’ll be all alone for like 3 days. nobody to talk to. but it’s all good. I have the Lord always by my side 🙂

The new Christmas video is so awesome!! I love sharing it with people. It really gets me thinking of the “why” in everything. like why an I a member of this church? why am I here on the mission? why is the BOM the word of God? Why do we need a Savior? Why did He die for us? Those questions will really help us all come closer to our Savior. Because I know that as we ask those things to our Father, He will respond and give us more light on the subject and increase our faith. I challenge you all to ask those questions in your prayers and study them out in your mind and in the scriptures.

Love you guys more than you can ever imagine. I have a perfect family. With all our traditions and family get togethers, I find so much peace and joy and love that only can come through our Savior Himself. So thank you all for being there for me and for being the examples you are!

Love your scared son,

Elder Pedersen

P.S. One of the photos is of all the cards I never opened on my mission from Shanna and the other is of wine bottles that get collected up. That’s how much chileans drinks!!! Ha-ha the last one is Chilean jerky.


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