My last Testimony from the mission…

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Well I know that this will be the very last letter I will be writing you before I come home which honestly doesn’t even seem like it to me. First off I wanted to tell you guys all about my week! This was the best week I have had in my entire mission besides having a baptism. Wow so let’s just start out with how it was Wednesday. So that day I got to Viña with elder PueFua (the most talented Samoan I know. And I’ll tell you more about him when I get back) and he had a little rehearsal and then we went to bed in the pension of the office guys (which by the way was without light for the whole weekend until Monday when we left). Then Thursday was practice all day long and giving out invitations to lots of people and just having a blast. Friday was the big day. We got all ready and practiced a little more, then it was time for performance….okay ya know what I think I’m gonna leave that for you guys on Christmas or when I get back. I realized that it would take me a while to tell you everything that happened. Ha-ha But all in all it was an experience unforgettable. There were over 1,300 people there Sunday night for the last performance. It was just….incredible. There was a guy sent from the 70 to record everything and they will give us all DVD´s of the performance. I felt the spirit so strong it was something that I will never be able to explain. We performed right on the beach with the waves behind us. Gosh… I just can’t believe it’s over. But it’s ok 🙂 I got to use my talents and help others come closer to Christ.

Well I guess I will end this whole experience with my simple, but powerful testimony of this perfect church of God. He and His son together with the Holy Ghost have become by best friends out here in the mission. They lead and NEVER forsake me. They know what to do and when to do it. I try to thank God every day for the trials He gives me, Because thanks to those trials, I’m stronger. He loves me so much that He puts trials in our lives to test our faith and strength against the adversary. I know that the Holy Ghost is essential to the Lords work. Without it, we are useless. We cannot do anything without Him in our lives to guide and help us make right choices. like it says in 2 Nephi 32 last 2 verses, we need to always pray so that the Holy Ghost can lead us and guide us so that we will always make righteous choices. I want you to know that The Book of Mormon is the Word of God. My testimony and conviction of that Book has grown so much and has helped me understand the questions of the soul. The Book of Mormon has so much power. Words cannot describe the love I have for that book. The most correct book on the face of this planet. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He, besides Jesus Christ himself, did more for man than any other that ever walked upon this earth. He truly saw God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. He translated the Book of Mormon by the power of the almighty God. My testimony of prayer has exceeded beyond imagination. I know that if we are struggling, if we don’t know what to do or if we just need a friend, God is ALWAYS there to help us and comfort us. Families truly can be forever if we obey the commandments of God and Follow Him until the end of our mortal lives. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. He guides this church today. He is a man just like us. Illnesses can affect him just as much as they do us. However, He was called of God and I know that He holds all the keys of Salvation. I know with all my heart and soul that Jesus is the Christ, The Son of our ever living God. He died for us so that we may live. He suffered both body and spirit, so that we may one day live with Him and our Heavenly Father forever. Thanks to Him I will live. I CAN become clean thanks to what He did for me. I’m not perfect. Not even close. But thanks to Him, I will be. He is the light and the light of this world. If you are not with him you are against Him. But He is always with you. He will never leave us, but we seem to sometimes leave Him. He will never forget our name, but at times we seem to forget to remember His. Come unto Him. Come to the light, so that you might brighten the world with His brilliance. Give Him an inch and He will carry you a mile. I love my Savior more than anything in the world. I bear you my witness in the name of Jesus Christ, even our Savior and redeemer, Amen.

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen




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